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Vegan Comfort Foods

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

When you need a remedy for the winter blues, try one of these vegan comfort foods that will warm and fill you up.

When you need a remedy for the winter blues, try one of these vegan comfort foods that will warm and fill you up.

Fight off the winter blues with these vegan comfort foods

Are you ready to try vegan takes on comfort food recipes that may be even better than the original? When outside is cold and snowy, it’s always a great idea to warm up yourself and your home with delicious comfort foods. Unfortunately, up until more recently, comfort foods equaled dishes that incorporated meats, cheeses and dairy, which left vegans out in the cold.

But, the delicious tables have finally turned, and now it’s time to vegans to enjoy a wide variety of recipes that make winter a little more appealing. Below, we look at a day in the life of eating vegan food that is as filling as it is tasty.

Start your day off with vegan French Toast

This French Toast recipe uses chia seeds as a thickening agent to ensure these egg less delights are fluffy and sturdy enough to support whatever indulgent ingredients you want to use. Not only is this recipe a wonderful alternative to its non-vegan counterpart in terms of taste, but they also pack a ton of protein, fibre and omega-3’s for your muscles, skin and digestion.

Try it with coconut whipped cream and berries, peanut butter and bananas or just a light dusting of icing sugar and syrup.

Try these traditional recipes for an old school lunch

What’s more comforting than a pub-style soup, sandwich and salad combo? We agree: nothin’! So, why not try a vegan Caesar salad that tosses the eggs and bacon out for salty Kalamata olives and blended cashews. Top it with some crunchy vegan croutons and plant- or nut-based cheese and you will not believe this is a vegan recipe.

The list of soups you can make that will accommodate your vegan diet is practically endless. From butternut squash to tomato to curried vegetables, type in your favourite type of soup online and you will not be disappointed with the options.

For the sandwich, why not treat yourself to a vegan avocado and coconut bacon BLT? Incorporate onions and lettuce for extra crunch and vegan mayo for a delicious creaminess. If coconut isn’t your thing, there are some wonderful tofu bacon options to make your BLT an indulgent vegan alternative.

Make your dinner delicious

There are very few dishes that are more indulgent than pasta – this is even more true when it comes to a deep-dish lasagna. Consider creating a flavourful vegan lasagna with roasted vegetables and basil cashew cheese – or get totally creamy with a vegan pasta carbonara that includes smoked tempeh, tahini and almond milk to make a robust sauce that will make you forget all about the bacon and eggs.

Serve up sumptuous comfort this winter season

Don’t let the cold weather paint your winter fifty shades of blue. Instead, spend some time sipping organic wine and cooking up dishes that will impress your vegan and non-vegan loved ones alike. Incorporate your favourite vegan sauces and spices to customize these great ideas for earth-friendly fireside eats.

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